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School Info

West Jordan Middle School is a new, state-of-the-art building (opened in 2019) and serves students of varied economic, social, ethnic and religious backgrounds.   Located in the city of West Jordan, the school’s new, spacious building and well-groomed campus are assets to the community.

West Jordan Middle School provides a positive learning environment where students have every opportunity to achieve their academic potential without regard to race, sex, or religious preference.  The West Jordan Middle School faculty is highly respected for the standard of excellence that the school maintains and for their school wide expectations of RESPECTRESPONSIBILITY and SAFETY.

West Jordan Middle School has a School Improvement Plan that is currently being implemented.  It is the goal of the West Jordan Middle School community to assist each student in becoming the following:

  • A Literate Communicator
  • A Resourceful Thinker
  • A Responsible Citizen


WJMS Highlights

  • The school serves approximately 1200 Students
  • Students attend school on a regular nine-month, 180-day calendar with the summers off.
  • The curriculum meets or exceeds district and state core curriculum standards and includes a wide range of required
 and elective courses..
  • The 51-member faculty includes a mix of veteran and new educators. All are state certificated and well prepared in their fields. Both teachers and administrators undergo formal evaluations on a regular basis.
  • A full resource team, school psychologist, social worker, counselors, and teachers are on staff to serve students with special needs.
  • Selected 9th grade honors classes are available to students who qualify through class performance and high scores on standardized achievement tests.
  • With our new building, every classroom is equipped with audio enhancement systems and projectors connected to big screen tv's and teacher computers in every classroom. Computer Science classes and a specially equipped technology classroom provide students with opportunities for technology education.  All teachers have access to document cameras and other updated technology.
  • West Jordan Middle School has 3 computer-equipped labs and 3 mobile netbook labs to assist students learning keyboarding, computer technology, research, and writing skills. In addition, Intel has provided a mobile lab for the areas of math and science.
  • Students have access to a lovely Media Center.
  • Students are expected to comply with the Jordan School District Dress Code.
  • Students are expected to attend classes regularly. A computer tracking system (Skyward) helps monitor attendance. Staff members work closely to ensure regular attendance patterns.
  • Character and excellence programs encourage students to do their best by rewarding academic achievement, good citizenship, exemplary attitudes, exceptional effort, and improvement.
  • Nutritious breakfasts ($1.00) and hot lunches ($2.00) are served daily.
  • Most West Jordan Middle School students live within walking distance; bus service is provided for any student who lives two miles or more from the school.
  • School volunteers are an important asset to the school. The Parent-Teacher-Student Association is a vital part of West Jordan Middle School. Volunteerism is encouraged. The school also has an active School Community Council.
  • Visitors are always welcome and asked to stop by the office for a visitor’s pass before going to classes or moving through the building.
  • Parents and students have 24-hour access to current grades and attendance with the school’s online student grade book program. We have a West Jordan Middle School web site that is continually updated with information on school events, newsletters, calendars, teachers’ individual web pages, and links to faculty e-mail addresses.
  • School visitors often comment on the high standards of courtesy and respect they encounter at West Jordan Middle School.